Rental Space Dialogues- Staging vs No Staging

On occasion, i assist “selected tenants” find a place to call home, and when i’m on this quest i’ve my eyes, ears, nose (….all my senses period) on alert for the rental space that will hit all the notes for my client in terms of location, budget, and amenities etc.

The quest takes I and the “select tenant” through a variety of rental properties – empty, occupied by current tenant, tenant in transition, unit under construction, awesome clutter-free not pictures. i had a flashback to a dialogue someone out there has probably had, heard or is having Should we stage? or Not?

Ask yourself these questions

1. What is at stake for the space? – Is it for rent? Is it for sale? or whichever comes first.

2. Do you have a deadline to meet? – desired occupancy date for tenant?

3. What type of tenants do you seek?

Expand your horizons in Question 1 & 3 to consider these additional factors

“what is the price tag attached to the space”

“whose attention do i seek to grab ? is it Fortune 500 executives, Young Professionals or Students.

For Question 2 – Research the cost of staging vs the benefits of meeting your deadline (a good tenant,or quick turnkey). Don’t assume staging is expensive or only for a “type” of property.

Last but not least, if and when you chose to use a professional stager i suggest you,

1. Pick one based on referrals

2. See current samples of their work,

3. Be sure its a person that doesn’t skimp on the details.

It’s the details that tell the story, convey the right emotions and positively lead the right tenants to you.

Candid thots,

Jumie,your zerovacancygal


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