8 inexpensive and easy steps to a ‘Fab’ curb appeal

………………………………..Imagine you are looking at a property for lease, purchase, or sale,will you be “judging the book by its cover” I sure hope so.

This blog post is inspired by a client’s property which lacks curb appeal and i’m elated that my client appreciates and values my opinion enough to spend some money on improving the property’s curb appeal.

Skipping for joy i set out to call out for help from the true experts (i.e landscapers, builders, exterior designers etc. ), who provided various snippets of ideas.

Being the ” cut to the point, give me the low and dirty” sort of listener that i am at times, i compiled 8 quick easy and inexpensive steps any homeowner or property manager can take to put the ‘fab’ back in their curb appeal .

1.Repaint the Front door, and Trims – often white is used but there are tons of cold and warm tones of white out in the market place, choose one that conveys the desired ” perception”.

 2. Replace the door hardware if worn or ancient – go to a nearby hardware store and pick up something simple, safe and functional, with no need for locksmith expertise to install

 3. House numbering – Check what you have or have had and ask yourself, is this befitting the value you have placed on the property? If it isn’t here’s your chance to enhance the visibility of your property with uniquely you , brand new lettering.

 4. Mailbox – you can either alternate where you place your mailbox, repaint your mailbox if its paintable or buy a new one if you so desire.

 5. Remove the Screen door- these were so in vogue not too long ago but can become an eyesore if the netting is torn or the handles are broken due to wear and tear or even exposure to severe weather conditions overtime.

 6. Update your front light fixtures – before you go out and buy the newest, trendiest, stylist fixture, think about these questions: is the lighting dim and dingy? is it bright and inviting? is the size of the fixture right ? has the light fixture been positioned in the most optimal spot?

 7. Buy a new doormat – in a neutral renewable, reuseable fibre and color , you can never fail with a tight coir in black or natural tone.

 8. Last but not least, place some planters by the entrance – nothing fancy or high maintenance , if you are like me and know nothing about plants, ask your friendly neighbourhood plant nursery or garden center and they’d recommend the best options for you.

 My best wishes to you as we all try out these steps and challenge ourselves to put the “fab” back in curb appeal.

 Signing off for now

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