Behind the Scenes – Tenant Personality Profiles

The great thing about being part of a family is you feel safe, secure and special.  Here’s my very first guest post for my “Let’s talk pm” family.  Hope you enjoy it !

Isn’t it common when you talk about what you do for a living to only share the good, the awesome and the glamorous side of it. When in reality, we do experience turbulent moments that require “zen” like posture and thoughts to get through the day without losing one’s sanity.

This is why for the love of sharing my experiences as a zerovacancygal I bring you behind the scenes of tenant personality profiles.

Does this sound all too familiar?  Keep reading and make your own conclusions

  1. The professional renter who’s a B/C+ applicant on paper, great personality on first impressions but then becomes a serial “NSF” tenant after they’ve moved in and deposited the 1st and last month’s rent. Unique individual because not only do they keep their daytime job, but a hobby of theirs is discerning the “grey areas” of residential tenancies act.
  2. The Venom Spitter– is a foul mouth tenant with a superiority complex . They don’t dialogue, they command; they don’t respect themselves let alone co-tenants, landlords or a property manager. But the weird thing is they often pay rent on time, their unit is immaculate; they actually host a ton of parties and have friends (is this real? You ask). Well like mom and pops said “never give in to a bully” so I’d say bear it for as long as you can.
  3. The Tenant turned landlord – the roles are clear on the tenancy agreement but not in real life dealings with this person. They make simple procedures difficult by being uncooperative. Obviously they don’t own the building but they gather klout via gossip with other tenants. Good news is that sooner than later – late rent notice or eviction time everyone’s role does become clearer.
  4. The Complainer – a conversation with this person is often 1 way, they do all the talking and you do all the listening. Because they focus only on problems not solutions nor on opportunities for solutions. They are hard to please so I’d recommend don’t bother; stand up to them by dropping nuggets of things you’ve done on time, well and worthy of being celebrated even if they don’t think so. Beware of Chronic complainers for they sap you of positive energy and can rob you of precious time if you allow it.
  5. Fairytale Story – this is the one you pray for because they are just a delight to have around, be around and serving them is a treat because they get IT. By IT, I mean the roles and responsibilities of a tenant are not just legal jargon or meaningless syllables to them. They operate by it, they pay rent on time, they have a pride of rental ownership in the space/building, they get respect because they give it, they show empathy , and ultimately they possess a healthy appreciation for what it truly takes to run the place they call HOME.

There you have it, 5 personality profiles to watch for when screening your next tenant for that fabulous space you have for rent.

Remember, we are all human and imperfect in our ways; but in our daily interactions with each other we can make a conscious on how will the conversation end?

Is it with a smile or with a frown?

With a Smile, your ZeroVacancyGal



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