5IVE Costly Rental Mistakes

           In life, business, work environments, networking events, and relationships; there are experiences you wish you never had?, There are scenarios you’d rather not play lead role in, and most definitely if you could turn back time; there are costly mistakes you’d rather not make.

This is not a random post, I was in the shower today and I thought, if mistakes were so common? Why do folks keep on making them? And I felt a sense of urgency to alert you of 5ive Costly Rental Mistakes a multitude of landlords, investors, and property managers often make. Thank God I discovered blogging; I doubt I’d do too well shooting a YouTube video with my current Don King lookalike hair, my quiet husband and my 2 kids as backup or panellists.

5ive costly mistakes you may, can or have made!

  1. Lack of Thorough Screening
  2. Insufficient  Property Inspections during the lease
  3. Renting to family, friends or co-workers
  4. Being desperate to rent a property because its vacant
  5. Ignoring red flags and gut feelings

 If you read through this list and are nodding, its affirms 3 things which are

(i)      its happened to you or someone you know

(ii)     rectifying the situation must have cost you a lot in money, time and emotional distress

(iii)   You really can’t and don’t know: what you don’t know?

 Personally, I think mistakes are awesome, I paraphrase President Obama’s response to the Prof. Henry Louis Gates Jr. “They present a learning opportunity” for anyone.

Good news is we’ve all been there, done that, and heck we got t-shirts to show for it; Take a guess? mine says ZeroVacancyGal. Here’s something soothing from my ZVG Playlist

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