Where’s your Unbook?

Unbook is a phrase originally coined by Jay Cross and David Gray that refers to

(a)  Continually updated,  never finished, feedback based body of work or mind software

(b)  Its released in versions, to allow for revisions and updates

(c) Supported by a community of users who share their experiences and best practices with each other.

 My original blog post title was A legacy : leaving It or Living It?  But after a few interviews, research and thought here’s my take on how i’d like to define my legacy and how i’d rather Live and Leave It ….Who says its its gotta be one and not both?

For 2 minutes; i’d like you to visualize what kind of legacy you could be LIVING and LEAVING. What do you see?  and provided you are 18 or over, are you living and leaving the legacy of your dreams?

Oxford Dictionary’s definition of legacy like a coin has 2 sides,

Heads – Money or property that is given to you by somebody when they die

Tail – A situation that exists now because of events or actions that took place in the past (+ present :added by ZVG)

Personally i embrace the “tails” definition because its infinite in both form, thought and process plus its the only way we can each have our own “Unbook”.  In contrast if you embrace the “heads” definition i’ve got 3 words for you “it never lasts”.

Everyday we are faced with events which sometimes demand decisions which spur us into actions, which by the above definition is a legacy. By virtue of our “human-ness” often our legacy is tainted with sin, greed, idols, unforgiveness, anger, or one of the ism’s ( e.g workaholism/alcoholism/overachievism/extremism). However, you possess the ability to consciously choose from the inside-out how to embrace the good ? how to detoxify yourself of the taints? and how to celebrate the private or public victories .

 My name is ZeroVacancyGal, and i choose to live and leave my legacy aided by principles, God’s truth, my passion and with the support of family, friends and well wishers like you: my unbook is the best selling book of not just this year, or the next but of every day.

So next time i ask where’s your unbook? i hope you can say ” here it is ZVG i’m living it and leaving it!

With head and heart



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