Apologies i have not been updating the blog as often as i’d like in the last few weeks of 2010, i sorta chose to use 140 characters of less to communicate with you all, so next time i go on a blogging hiatus please look for me at my twitter crib or post something on my facebook page.

Its 2011, and i bet in the last 24- 48 hrs the most commonly used phrase within every conversation, dialogue, email , twitter post or facebook post has had one or all of these words HAPPY NEW YEAR. My greatest Joy this New year is knowing i have a voice, a beautiful voice given to me by God. But what good is a voice if it can’t be heard?

Coincidental with this blog post heading, i’ve lost my voice and trust me it wasn’t because i was bringing down the house for new year’s rather its due to my sore throat gone worse.  But with rest and medication i’m back on the spring board diving into whatever each day brings.

Often we see “voiceless” persons within homes, in corporate offices, on the sports field, in hospitals, or in churches etc.  The voiceless person is an individual who choses to ignore the ” still small voice”.  The still small voice lies within the soul of a person , its the core of each human being, its the “one thing” that you must protect with the truth.

There are so many examples when we become voiceless such as :

For the sake of riches, some sell their voice to greed

For the sake of acceptance or conformity , some sell their voice to what or who’s popular

For the fear of rocking the boat, some are apathetic

For the fear of tomorrow, some live for today

For the fear of meritocracy, some embrace mediocrity

For the fear of loss, some decide not to love again

For the fear of falling, some don’t jump

All of the above fears are lies fed to people all over the world, because can you imagine if rather the sum of these fears, folks had the sum of all the courage and faith to negate these lies and tell the lie brigade who’s boss.

So next time you or someone you know are dealing with a voiceless person, i want you  to re- tune your voicebox to station WG-ATAB ( Luke 1vs37)

With heart



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