Ah!mazing Service Truths

Recently, i had a less than favorable experience with a well known national pizza company. The pizza company in question, did rectify the situation and while i can say i’m at peace with the pizza company. It certainly left me thinking how in every company or organizations vision or mission statement you’d find phrases like the ones below, but the reality differs.

Committed to Service Excellence
Strive to create an exceptional customer service experience
Focused on putting our clients or customers First
Rated by XYZ, 5 yrs in a row  ranked first in the ZZZ rating for Customer Service Excellence

Personally, one thread that cuts through all of my working years and which rings true in my head and heart daily is what service means to me? and how to achieve extraordinary outcomes whilst keeping the service bulb burning bright?

Service is a Choice, regardless of title, position, or power
Service is Self Last, You first
Service is the Equilibrium where 2 people feel valued and valuable.
Service is the simpliest form of acknowledging a relationship
Service is transparent, direct and to the point , never misinterpreted.

These 5 phrases define what service means to me , and rather than view the level of service you offer or receive from an hierachical perspective, or stereotypical impressions; try testing it against my 5 Ah!mazing truths. I’m confident these truths will prevail.

Happy heart day,


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