Somebody is cheering you on!

Let’s start off with a little trivia –  Grammys, Oscars,  what do they have in common?

Some possible answers are celebration, best of music, best of cinematography, academy award night, red carpet, beautiful dresses, parties, afterparties, and probably a lot more.

My answer for the trivia question is:Grammys and Oscars exist and will continue to exist because someone is cheering ( the winners and/or the nominees) on. Knowing somebody out there ( God, stranger, acquaintance, wellwisher, family, and friends) is cheering them on supplies the conviction and motivation to follow through, to finish strong, to aim higher.

The statement “somebody is cheering you on”  is one of the basic needs of humans but often most neglected. The source of this need dates back to when you were an infant but it stays with you all through your life. Its not something you outgrow, its not a habit, its not about self esteem or ego boosting. All over the world there are clear evidences of small business, organizations, political leaders, families ,communities using different platforms to cheer on someone, to support a cause, to recognize their employees, to show they are socially responsible.

So if so many get it, why hasn’t it gone viral?  Could it be that humanity has grown so wise that altruism now belongs to back in the days. Have generations gone not passed on these value to their offsprings; Has community and cultures turned their backs on cheering their own out of pride or envy, Has cheering becoome reserved for superstars,  athletes, sports icons, music icons, famous and or popular people.

If you and I recognize the benefits of cheering somebody on far outweighs any imagined reason why not; then i’d urge you day to day, week to week, year to year to cheer someone on for no other reason than :

Just Because!!!

Cheering you on,