Confessions of a Tenant

During my time as a property manager, i have come across some exemplary tenants, who are respectful of the space they’ve been entrusted with. Yes the words “entrusted” is valid here because as you know the rental cost is but a fraction of the cost of ownership that the landlord bears. Also to entrust means to place something of value in another’s care/hands, so yes entrust it is from my humble perspective.

The confession you are about to read is not from an eccentric neat freak, nor is it from some idle homemaker who has no other chore than to clean, to clean and then to do more cleaning. Rather this confession is from a responsible adult with the often common responsibilities of family, a full time or part time job, pursuing further education, freelancing, or running a small business.

Confessions of a Tenant

i remember “the first look”
oh what a perfect space : clean, fresh, pristine
Be mine oh perfect condo or house, not because of the smell of vim, bleach and/or febreeze
But because i promise to return to landlord just as i was given
Move in inspection or not, my eyes sure did not miss any detail
Clean cabinets, Clean windows, Clean exhaust fans, Clean bathrooms
Glistering hardwood floors, Stain free ceramics, Splatter free backsplash
All i could think of was, this is apartment therapy at its best
Ok, where do i sign, i want to call this place home.

Fast forward to move out time : Is it a sight for sore eyes or is it as it was for me “the first look”

In celebration of the clean tenant , you are every landlord’s dream!!

Share your tenant stories and lets celebrate the unsong heroes who were once our tenants, but chose to leave the spaces they occupied just as they saw it on : the first look.

All ears,


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