Apologies for the long intermission between blog posts.

The long intermission has been a great time to think, take stock and give thanks for the first 6 months of the year. In my humble opinion its healthy to re-visit those “evergreen” days when your idea or business took off, when you signed your first customer, when your company shares went public or perhaps when you acquired your first or multiple business locations. I bet in those “evergreen” days or moments you or folks around you may have wondered what kept you going.

So i searched high and low, mountain top and valley low for the definition of evergreen that best conveys the message for this post and here it is :  Perenially Fresh.  In my mind,these two words conjure a place of reocurring rejuvenation. Being Evergreen keeps at bay cobwebs of anxiety, fear, apathy, difficult people and or situations attempt. Your “evergreen” swag says regardless of fact, fiction or situation, the essence of your faith, your hope , your trust is God.

To be perenially fresh is not foolish illusion, religious fanatiscm nor is it any sort of meditative therapy rather it is holding on to certain truths while maintaining focus and striving. The word perennial is perfect because if we were to visit any garden shop today we’d  realize the one thing perennials are know for is their ability to survive all harsh seasons and to automatically bloom when spring or summer comes along, and all this happens effortlessly once the perennial has been planted in the ground.

So you may ask why should you want to be evergreen in business, being evergreen in business equips you with a healthy perspective that fosters growth,  fulfillment and attracts clients even when you are not sending out email blasts, offering free e-books, coldcalling, or creating newsletters. Don’t get me wrong some businesses need a more agressive marketing campaign than others, but definately the ones who are “evergreen” have the additional benefit of knowing, affirming and living in the truth ( i.e God’s Promises).

At Abode, we know a thing or 2 about promises, as such Abode Property Management makes  a promise to every client we sign on the dotted lines, that : Abode makes every effort to guarantee that our landlords and tenants win first, why or how we do this is nothing short of  the phrase” the taste is in the pudding” . By the way, I couldn’t resist that food plug being the foodie that i am but essentially we know that by our landlords and tenants winning, we have a guaranteed win too,  in terms of profits to keep us in business for a long time. 

All of God’s promises below are real, and true  for all ages so when next you ponder on this blog post “evergreen”?  in lieu of reading your horoscope, flipping the t.v channel to Dr. Oz or Oprah , reading self-help books on positive thinking or how to achieve success, try to pick up your bible and search in them for these promises.

  • His presence
  • His protection
  • His power
  • His peace
  • His faithfulness
  • His guidiance
  • His wise-plan

Your perenially green



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