2012 in full view , 2011 in rear view

I have not blogged since August 2011, and I sincerely apologize for the hiatus. However, the hiatus from blogging was spent horning in on some skills, truths and convictions.

Top 10 things i discovered  in 2010 are as follows:

– The value of wisdom ( God, mentors, coaches all have a strategic role to play in your growth model).

–  To never underestimate the value of time ( Yes we all have 24 hrs, 365 days but expend it uniquely)

– Nourishment is key ( Your appetite for your passion needs nourishment so daily read, study,practice, and repeat).

– Humility is key (  He starts where you stop) .

– I have a handful of favorite photo blogs i browse which always leave me with ahhs and ohhhss . i will be sharing them with you all soon.

– Faithful is and continues to be one of my favorite words since 2009.

– Had many a convicting moments and it was refreshing.

– Through grace I am coping better with periods of discomfort so much so I find myself singing , whistling or even dancing when ” all hell is breakding loose” – figuratively.

– Elements of fashion are part of real estate via the world of interior design to create fabulous property spaces and enviable finishes.

– No longer do we have degrees of separation, rather we are living in a world of continuous linkages via our circles of influence. So be kind to one another.

Till the next post,

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