Bridging the gap : Happy Grandparents Day !



What is grand about today?

Its the people in our LIVES who we pray to live on and live strong

GRAND is the time they have spent on earth thus far

Nurturing, Giving, FORGIVING and Unrelenting

Times or Seasons may change but their love never CHANGES

In this life, we all get to EVOLVE in our roles, as sons, daughters, aunties, uncles,mums and fathers

But there’s only ONE grand role, and that is the one our grandparents play

Grandparents does need any bells and whistles, they are the bells and whistles cheering us on daily

And when that time comes for you, I or we to be grandparents

Pray, Lord grant us the grace to do it the SIMPLE grand ole way.


From our zerovacancygal family to yours…………….. have a grand ole time celebrating the grandparents in our midst.


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