I see your true colors shining through ….. bad tenants with SWAG

I honestly cannot believe my last post was in September for Grandparents day, but then again, you’d need to be seated in a comfy chair cause what i am about to give you the lowdown dirty on will leave you Breathless( as i am somedays).

Today’s post is based on a true story and i shall fully disclose the names of all parties involved. Afterall how else would i save someone else out there the headache and heartache these folks have caused me.

In April 2012 , a 2 bdrm and 2 bathroom condo was available for rent , advertised and shown to several prospective tenants. Mr Happy applied for the unit, and with his good looks and sob story  makes approx. 70K , recently sold his condo unit , had some personal domestic issue he was dealing with had verifiable reference checks and an OK credit report. Before Mr. Happy moved in, the unit was freshly painted, all repairs made to the appliances and the unit was PERFECTO.

Now lets fastforward to August 1, 2012  rent check was returned NSF, Mr happy was notified and he remedied it within 7 business days i believe, then end of August he requested the landlord not cash Sept 1st check until Sept 15th because  he had to pay his kid’s college fees. Landlord granted the exception, and on Sept 15th, rent check was returned NSF. Dude didn’t rectify this until i believe the end of Sept and swore on his empty vile deceitful words  that it won’t happen again. Well guess what happens with Oct 1, rent check, it surely bounced.

It gets better, Mr Happy never responded to emails notifying him of the bounced check, on the phone he sounded like he was in “Cancun/Cuba” and that he’d respond in 4 hrs. He never did and subsequently he got served an N4 and following this informed the landlord he had made plans with a fictional character to pay on Oct 15… well if your guess is as good as mine fictional characters don’t exist so Oct 15th came and there was no payment.

Does it end there….. and who is left holding the bag paying the hydro, taxes, water and condo taxes???

Whilst Mr Happy in his red 4×4 drives around town, eating, drinking, cracking jokes, and entertaining folks.

Will Justice be served?


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