Save Us from Ourselves – Give us a greater vision!

In the beginning

In the beginning

I cant just jump right into today’s post, without a warm and hearty Happy New Year.

All things 2012 are behind us, and greater things for 2013 are in store for us all but if there is “ONE”  thing  you carry in you for the next 11 months, i hope it is change that spurs you in the direction of God’s will and purpose for your life.

For the past few days, this title of this post has stuck in my head and with it comes scenarios and instances that reinforce it that we- humans really are our own worst enemy.  Yes, its said sin is man’s inate nature, but i also believe you can only resist an inate nature by drawing closer to God’s vision of who we are in him – biology aside

Sounds simple enough right? but guess what – generations have come, gone, and are still in progress have grown so accustomed to ranking, rating and setting themselves up according to their small vision. Here are some examples:

Career Choices

Around the world and in different cultures generations on end have based their career decisions on the criteria

– fetches the highest income, fetches status/recognition ,enables them be the breadwinner for their households, enables them be of service to others, enables them have titles before/after their names, enables them drive the car of their dreams, enables them build the house of their dreams, enables them win the coveted political position.

When i glance through all of the, the foundation i see is “Self” and not God so no wonder all who lay such foundations, discover cracks and holes in years to come, which they can never fill on their own but for God’s grace and mercy. So next time you are anxious about your future prospects, remember ” Give us this day, our daily bread”


Raising Kids

You must have heard the saying ” when you have kids they dont come with a manual” well guess what that phrase is bogus and not completely true. I think it should read instead – when you have kids, remember what good values your parents instilled in you, and pass them on, for a man richer in character and integrity is more valuable than a house full of Gold.

Again some examples of how our small human visions can detract and damage our kids, and no we are not ignorant , we are just too busy conforming to the world’s standard and we are too busy being anxious over a life we have not created.

– Every nanosecond, some parent somewhere is comparing their kid to the next kid? why , is beyond me because God said ” you are fearfully and wonderfully made”

– Instilling pack mentality and following the world’s standards of sucess/achievement/goal setting – If you are doing what everyone else is doing , where do you think you will end up – living another persons life . again have we forgotten God said ” Be bold and courageous”

– Weak in Spirit, Strong in man-power , in raising our sons are we instilling in the them the fruits of the spirit, or are we better at cheerleading them to  only care about if they achieved 1st, 2nd or 3rd in extra curricular activites, in academics, are we robbing them of the fun childlike nature even though regardless of age God said ” Be childlike”


Listening to Everyone, except God

Our ears, oh how i love our ears, we are ever ready to lend our ears and eyes to the news, social media, doctor, therapist, our bosses, our co-workers, our pastors, our parents , our siblings, our uncles, our friends, our ex girlfriends or boyfriends, i could go on… but we lack the ability to listen and obey what God has to say.

A variety of problems plague us in this age, from relationship problems, to apathy, to a lack of accountability, to workholism, alcholism, behavioural issues, psychological issues, adultery greed, lack of integrity, multiple and conflicting priorities, materialism, consumerism, religiousness, suicide bombers, kids killing kids, adults killing adults…..again i could go on for days…

In essence, label it whatever you want, i call them ” distractions” , and as long as we allow these distractions to take up our time, mind space and energy we will continue to be frustrated, unfulfilled and above all hurt ourselves and others around us either consciously or sub consciously.  If you remember God’s offer – if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Its not that complicated, but it does require intentional pursuit and above all intentional effort from you and I , to not point fingers but encourage one another in the pursuit of a living a life that pleases God , receiving and taking criticisms in a healthy manner and stop paying lip service, eye service , man made service to our small visions.


Failing daily, but pressing on regardless



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