A little maintenance goes a long way…….

Dirty lint traps

Dirty lint traps

 ……Its February and hopefully you and i have not fallen off the excited roller coaster of new year resolutions, re-definitions, goal setting, goal keeping , and we are still being focused and encouraging each other with  being consistent with good habits and best practices..

So for this post, its all about property maintenance…… and nope i aint no handy mandy but over the years, through experience, curiosity and attimes hard realities checks i have dealt and learnt a few things which i’d like to share with you. Just like your health, your property needs regular check ups, tune ups and even insurance against those pesky little maintenance issues that are not always detectable to the naked eye.


HVAC….otherwise known in long form as heating , ventilation, airconditioning comprises of critical equipments within your home that enable you and i survive the 4 seasons ( fall, spring, summer and winter). Your HVAC crew consists of your furnace, your water heater and your air conditioner. If you can follow this maintenance routine, you just may add years to your HVAC’s lifespan.

1. For Furnances, i subscribe to the formula of quarterly filter replacements, annual maintenance check ups by your service provider, duct cleaning every 2-3 years depending on # of units and occupants ( single family vs multi family residences).

2. For Airconditioners, i subscribe to ensuring you switch off the fuse for the airconditioner during fall and winter seasons, covering the exterior unit during winter months,  and installing and using a programmable thermostat.

3. Last but not least, obtaining some sort of HVAC maintenance plan will go a long way in insuring you against those unpredictable occassions which could cost you a whole lot more than $22-$38 amonth.


ROOFS…….are more than a shelter from the rain…… for anyone who recently bought a new home in ontario, can anyone of you attest to checking the condition of the roof during the builders inspection. Truth be told , the average home owner ( first time or repeat) often does not know the condiiton of their roof until perhaps they require a visit from animal services and they are trying to evict Mr. Racoon or Mrs. Big Rat…or worse still the ceiling and walls have tell tale signs of water damage.

–  A recommendation is to always know the material your roof is made out of so at least you know how long such roofing material lasts for. Also i’d recommend during spring, when we are all thawing from the harsh winter weather is a good time to grab a lather ( if you are brave) and check out the condition of the shingles et al.


LINT TRAPS AND VENTS………are not circulating clean air if dirty and given how we are all passionate about air quality , how about we pay a likkle attention to this details.

Condominiums –  Often there are 2 lint traps in corner/closet that houses the stacked washer and dryer. One in the ceiling and 1 within the drying the machine. Keeping these 2 lint traps clean will serve and save you tons of time and electricity , so after every laundry load take a wet jcloth and clean it so you are not left wondering why your clothes are taking so long to dry or why your hydro bill keeps increasing.


There are tons more likkle things you and i could do more in ensuring our properties don’t fall apart while we are busy working to pay the bills, or saving for the next vacation or worse still saving for a joyful life event about to happen.


That’s all folks, leaving you with a piece from my head and heart always,






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