Choose Well: Better scraps with the sincere than lobster with liars

Discernment 2Tristan Bishop aka @knowledgebishop on twitter shared this quote today April 5th, 2014 and immediately it screamed relationship “discernment” to me on so many levels.

For a brief moment let’s reflect on how gold, diamonds and other precious metals are found, refined and re-used, you’d recall its often from scraps or pieces. Now think of all the masterpieces and profound inventions people like you and I have made out of these scraps.

Through life’s journey you’ll come across various “scrap like” nuances, the value in and of itself is not the “scrap”.

Remember he that eats scraps with the sincere shall dine with Kings with whom he/she can share the bread of life and they all will never be famished … one day soon.

Ok, relating this to property management… i’d consider this as a valuable #tip on how to select a property manager or property management firm to represent your interests.

Listening with head and heart