4 weeks to Moving Day – Here’s an idea or two!


Landlords, Property Managers and Property Management companies have a monthly cycle that  involves tenant onboarding and tenant farewells.

These 2 events can be overwhelming attimes if you consider all the things that have to be done, booked, organized and documented you will agree that planning ahead is the “secret super glue ” that ensures a smooth turnover for everyone involved.

Outside of the above groups, we do have the buyers and sellers of real estate who also have to face the same “moving challenges” as well.

Planning a move in/move out is much more than “finding your desired place”  or your “dream home ” .  I believe once you have located the perfect “abode” , a different switch is flipped that reminds you to begin your moving day plans.

You have bought or leased a place !  what’s next ; here is the perfect time/opportunity to bring out your calendar and start inputting  all of the moving tasks you have and prioritizing them as well because you know what they say, a plan without a deadline is as good as not having a plan in the first place.

4 weeks to moving day,  here are some tasks to think about, dedicate time to do or delegate people to assist you with

Week 4 – Book a moving company or send an S.O.S to your 1-2 friends you can count on who are willing and able to assist,

Week 3A If you live in a condo, reserve the elevator because just like you other folks are either moving in/out ;  Week 3B -Complete your change of Address via Canada Post so all your important mail gets re-directed to your new address; Week 3C–  Get boxes for your move ( cardboard or rent plastic ones)

Week 2A – Begin packing and sorting items into categories ( Going , Giving , Gone ) – Going will be items you are taking into the new place, giving are those items you are giving away and Gone are those items you’ve chosen to thrash or sell.  Week 2B– If you don’t have time to clean the unit and return to the state it was given to you, please hire cleaners to get it done properly.

Week 1A – Call all applicable utility companies ( hydro, cable, internet, gas, water, phone, hot water tank rental security system )  and advise them of your last day in the Unit and the account termination date.  Week 1B–  If possible, make your meals ahead of your last 2 nights in the old place and/or eat out for 2 nights or eat-out 1 night and order take-out/pizza delivery or such on 1 other night.

When the actual moving day arrives, wake up bright eyed , dress in comfortable loose clothing,  play your favorite tune/song/music and get ready to begin your next chapter in the new Abode!

Moving with head and heart,

P.S –  I dedicate this post to my only sister who is the prime minister of planning I grew up with .She continues to “wow” me with her planning skills and  I admire this quality about her, i hope she knows it!