A daily whisper, wish and prayer – #BringOurGirlsHome



Today is May 11th, 2014 and in 4 more days it would be exactly 30 full days that approx. 276 girls were kidnapped by Islamic Militants ( also known as Boko Haram).

Today is also Mother’s Day in North America and believe it or not , its not a celebratory mood that I am in.  Don’t get me wrong I am thankful and grateful for the health and well being of my family and all close to me but my heart aches for the 276 families who have no idea if, when and how they’d be reunited with their children.

Today is 30 days too late for those girls because as a nation, our government, our citizens kept an unhealthy silence when this issue happened on April 15th,2014. There was no code red, orange or even a national alert or responsiveness to convey to these girls families that : their lifes were valuable, that they mattered, that someone or anyone that could do something was doing something.

I remember growing up and in the social studies classes we were taught that Nigeria was the Lion of Africa, how can a lion’s cubs be stolen and 30 days after all we have is shreds of information, misinformation, a few arrests and zero returned girls.

In the last 2 weeks, with the aid of social media and several solidarity marches, campaigns and public outcry , other nations of the world have arisen to offer support in whatever manner they can. Called upon or not, the human side of good governance, international relations, and global empowerment is to ensure that Islamic Militants operating in any part of the world do not become the minority terrorizing the majority nor should they be used as weapons or avenue of disruptions in nations where poor governance, corruption, greed are prevalent.

Regardless of the outcome of this specific ” 276 kidnapped girls “, as a nation we can ask ourselves these 4 questions whether you are physically present in Nigeria or a voracious Nigerian news reader in the diaspora

For the last 2 yrs or more we have all heard and known of a recent surge in kidnapping cases of private citizens, foreign workers etc.  in Metropolitan Cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt ,Benin and the general notion is that these folks were targeted for their “wealth or political influence” thus the hefty ransoms.

  • What has been the response of the people or the government?  Do words like apathy, indifference, slow, zero action, delayed response
  • Why would we expect that response to be different for the 276 innocent girls who had no wealth or political influence ? Have we swapped humanity for power, wealth and position?
  • What is the national, regional response system to instances of kidnapping, ransoms, assassinations ? Has it been an OYO -( on your own)  mentality
  • If some of all of these girls never are returned to us safely, what’s next?  How will history not repeat itself, how will we heal as a nation, a people?

Thank you for all who have lent their voice to the call for action #bringourgirlsback and please continue to do so, because it makes a difference , it matters and its the right thing to do.

And whatever the outcome is, May these 276 mothers know they are never alone in their pain or loss but that a whole world made of people just like them are with them to offer help, kind words or simply a warm hug.

In taking a portion of the script for the movie” Heaven is for real ” Do you think God loves you or your kids more than the 276 kidnapped girls and their families, for in every season there is a purpose!

Please #BringOurGirlsHome….. soon!

With Head and Heart