Helpers or Unhelpers…..which one are you?


Couple giving two young children piggyback rides smilingA blessing for me and hubby is our kids are our “reading buddies”.  And the kind of books we read, are whatever our kids pick.

With being constantly bombarded by professional, self development , local and international news, you cannot imagine my relief….. literally its so enriching to just sit and read the books our kids select or bring home from school with them and vice versa they read to us these same books.

So with it being a long weekend in Canada ( Victoria Day) , we indulged in some reading and my daughter read to me her sight word reader book titled “Helpers”…. here is how it reads

I help at the park

I help at the store

I help at the library

I help at the zoo

I help at the corner

I help at the car wash

I help at school

I help at home…….. the end!

Would you agree that helping is easy for you when you are asked?  You are probably nodding , a grunt, a roaring yes maybe ; but have you contemplated how and what its like when you offer and do help without being asked ! one word comes to mind BLISS.

Truth is many times, in our day to day lives;  with our speech, non-verbal communication and often our thoughts ( which we erroneously believe are hidden)…. we forget, neglect or intentionally chose to be Unhelpers.

Today, this week, or any other time you have an opportunity to be a helper, don’t wait to be asked or sought out…… like NIKE said Just Do It!

Listening with head and heart