Maintenance costs that can reduce your home insurance premiums!

People watching is one of my hobbies, who can blame me with the advent of selfies , starbucks and patio season there is a whole lot to see on the streets these days.

Ok , point of correction I don’t live on the streets but I have noticed a fair amount of home maintenance projects happening on our residential streets.

A key one which stands out and has caught on like the flu is “Roofing” , these days the good ole shingles that are supposed to last 15yrs or more are not quite living up to their manufacturer’s warranty.

So …….. flashback in the last 1 month or more I have several separate conversations with individuals who were worried as shingles had started popping off and in my particular case the “edges” have begun turning up and that my friend in “roofology” is not a good sign.

Hence I began my research into roofing materials, roofing company ratings via our trusted partners and I thought to myself, a brand new roof is a big deal to somebody insurance companies  because without a good roof everything underneath or within is not worth much and is not safe much should there be heavy downpour or a wild fire.  Ok that’s a good start I thought and being the every curious bunny that I am, i commenced a discovery mission to find out which other home improvement projects i could embark on or do that would give me brownie points on my campaign trail which is called insurance premium reduction 2014.

If you already know all this, you can stop reading here but for folks like me who don’t know and are eternally grateful to our tribe values of  “givers get more”; “power of sharing” and “sharing is caring” …… below are some items to note which if you did, and called your insurance companies will ring in a loud CHA-CHING in your savings or TFSA account.

  • New roof
  • Water Sprinkler system
  • Monitored alarm systems or Home alarm/security systems ( other than the ADT or Alarm Force ones) you can purchase one from from anywhere they cost between ( $99 to $199) – Monitor, Cameras etC., have it installed and viola you benefit from savings and security at the same time)
  • Installing Dead Bolt locks – front door and any exterior accessible door
  • New Garage Door- some insurance companies value this.

Hope this helps put some savings back in your piggy bank.

Let’s not keep this secret to ourselves but share with confidence and if you need a referral or 2 for roofing or would like to be in the “know” on tips, and great info we share to our circle of friends, don’t forget to sign up for our  head and heart newsletter !


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