The Danger of Toxic Environments

Freedom, Celebration, 4th of July, Memories, OBAMA, wishes

Freedom, Celebration, 4th of July, Memories, OBAMA, wishes

Happy 4th of July to all Americans wherever you may reside.

One thing I love about your country and the government is your celebration of freedom of speech, your inclusion of “Christ” on your medium of exchange ( currency notes) and last but not lease heck y’all are BLACK AND BOLD with OBAMA representing the interests of not just a minority of peoples but a majority from various ethnic, educational and social backgrounds…

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to observe, listen or hear stories about toxic environments and their impact on individuals, corporations and even countries that are incubators of toxicity.  How about I give you a frame of reference for this rant blog post.

A Toxic Environment is an environment in which one of more individuals are subjected to various levels of Psychological, Emotional, Physiological, Sociological abuse on a consistent and continuous basis by PEOPLE….. yes its not demons or witches who deliberately use their position, power or influence to negatively impact the lives of others.

Let’s break it down and keep it simple ………….below is my 30 sec elevator definition of toxic environments. you can add, or subtract from it as you like.

Toxic Environments are dangerous, disruptive and detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the impacted, the observer and at large society. It bears no good fruit ever !

Which brings me to the most frequent mind blogging question Why Tolerate Toxicity in any form?  Is it a statement of Perseverance ? Loyalty ? Professionalism? Altruism? Cowardice? Bravery? Wallowing in Victimhood? or sheer ignorance, or a feeling of helplessness.

My empathy or tolerance for toxicity is ZERO!  and here is why?

Regardless of the toxic circumstances you have found, placed yourself in or tolerated I have strong opinions which are :

  •  YOU cannot bankrupt yourself at the expense of whatever greater goal you are chasing?

TOXICITY may not have started with you and you are often not the only victim , but it can END with you and others if y’all choose to SPEAK UP AND OUT ABOUT IT ( this is not water cooler things nor will gossiping help you much, you need to go full blast radio, television, blog, newspaper, youtube, twitter, facebook , anything that can crank up the volume.

  • GO FOR CHANGE, yes its uncomfortable, has many unknowns, can be quite scary but its a worthwhile RISK

STOP TALKING about the toxicity, its participants or the outcome, START WORKING on the results and outcomes you desire with your head and heart

  • PRAY , yes the SERENITY PRAYER is never out of style, it calms, helps you put things in perspectives and re-fuels your hope bank account.

LAST but not least, while in the “TOXIC zone” do not forget to eat, drink and be merry after-all FREE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY PEOPLE who don’t have the best of it all, but make the best of it all and repeat affirmations like” Jesus works all things altogether for my good ”


Empowered With Coke, Fireworks and A Freedom Song