Crime Free Multi-Housing Program


There’s 10,000 reasons to be a DIY landlord and another 10 x 10,000 reasons its not worth it after all, and here today I’ll be sharing one “real” reason to be in a rental community or property that is professionally managed by individuals or companies who care, and not just say it but live it out in the systems they employ for screening prospective applicants.

One of such systems is the Crime Free Multi Housing Program which has its origins from the US but has being embraced in Canada with the help of the local police force and some rental property providers in the following cities : Ottawa, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Saanich, Chilliwack BC, Surrey, Abbotsford, Regina and Vernon to name a few.

The programs were designed with you and I in mind – the community of tenants/owners/residents. As an individual you are aware some things are out of your control such as the legalization of marijuana, or the right to carry fire arms( in the US) , or the trafficking of controlled substances.

However, The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program (CFMH) is a crime-prevention program designed to reduce illegal activity on multi-dwelling properties. The program began in Arizona in 1992 and was brought to Canada in 1994.  CFMH is based on education and community cooperation. The program consists of three phases intended to address criminal activity while also enhancing the feeling of safety and sense of community in rental properties. The completion of the phases emphasize how a community of property owners, managers, tenants, law enforcement and support services can work together to dissuade criminal activity on rental properties.

So, the next time you are looking for a rental in an unfamiliar city with little or no idea of what the walls would speak or say if they could talk, or  if the property management company has adopted this program in its screening process,  do take it as an opportunity to introduce the idea of Crime Free Multi Housing Program or Rental Program.

You can also be a good neighbour , if you see, hear or know of any suspicious activity in your rental community, how about you place in the building’s suggestion box the name of this program and the website link , or call your local police station and ask if they offer this program in your city.

For additional information visit the Org’s international website here or the local chapter run collaboratively by your city’s law enforcement agency’s

Stay tuned with your heads and hearts