Hiring decisions that promote health, wellbeing and job satisfaction are a WIN/WIN!

Back at it readers, September is a great month for so many reasons! but before I begin my rant discussion i’d like to thank each and everyone who visits, takes a browse or share articles from this blog. You are superb!

This post was inspired by discussions I have had or being a part of ( uhh the only role I played was as an “active listener” or “silent listener but you’d not know I am truly an instigator at heart ) .

Some of these folks i chat with are truly great and ah-mazing professionals with good work ethics, but employed by some Organizations who seem to have blindspots or are Negligent to address their pain points !   I choose to not call out the names of this orgs, one reason calling out names is irrelevant to this post is because the issues raised and shared in confidence are pervalent in quiet a few places,  some unlikely places and truth be told , most of them know what’s up,  but authentic and lasting change will not occur until the values they align and celebrate change.

So here’s the issue with hiring decisions, they are often made by the main stakeholder (aka boss who will be paying the salary or who is responsible for the cost center) ,  Today’s HR I find play such an admin role its not even funny. That’s a topic for a different day.

The issue with bosses making hiring decisions is the fact that as a human being we are naturally flawed , which is one of the reasons an early and close relationship with God who is perfect is highly recommended for all of us. When a naturally flawed boss ( with issues of their own – such as ego, gender insecurities, racism, addictions, self limiting beliefs, a poor communicator, poor motivator, inability to appreciate and compliment others….. the list goes on and on…..) makes a hiring decision, what do you think drives or underpins such a decision …………………….ding ding ding ” they do – their motives drive it” and boy do you need a miracle if the motives are UGLY.

We all have friends and family members that complain of bad bosses, suppressive work environments, racism, favoritism, kunta kinta operational systems but the question I have is ” do we as a society have a permissive attitude towards it or are we flat out ” rejecting and objecting and having a zero tolerance attitude”.

Today’s present and future hiring decisions are being reclaimed by the brave, bold , courageous ones who either by choice or conditions beyond their control chosen alternative work environments that create a win/win in promoting health, well being and job satisfaction on both sides of the coin ( worker and boss) …. and the beautiful by product of this is SUCCESS!

Today is Friday, I bet in various cubicles and offices across the country your workers ( employees, contactors ) are screaming TGIF – thank God its Friday  or thank God i’m Free ( take your pick) . If you are a boss, or in a position of authority or even a VP HR or influencer in your organization, take a long and honest look and examine your “heart” condition before, after and during the hiring decision, within your org chart and even with your company re-orgs past and present.

Do you ” take heart” with the reality your decisions have on the people you lead and their families?

Hiring takes head and heart