Are you a rat ? Stop running in the rat race

Happy new month to all.

Consider this an early Christmas or new year’s (2015) present if you may but I’d like to think of it as a token of appreciation for all who read and share this blog.

It is my hope this affirmation is a healthy reminder for all working adults. You can personalize it prior to printing or sharing with your friends.



I am not a rat, I am not created to run the rat race”

There is a clear path and specific guarantee God has designed for me.

I will listen, obey and trust God’s mentorship based on biblical truths but I will humbly seek the wise counsel of men and women whose actions speak louder than the words from their lips.

I desire not to impress the world with power, performance, possessions, position, publications or titles.

When I do complain, criticize, give excuses, or grumble about people, places, things, events or circumstances.

I will ask please search my heart, show me the “real issues” and the courage to ask for your help.

Oh one last thing, I hear the one thing the rat race and sweat shops have in common is Misery!

I’d rather not find out, so thank you for preparing ahead of me a perfect beginning and end to each day.


With head and heart