Festive season….. loading 1,2,3,4 decorating ideas.


Some call it Festive, some call it Christmas , some call it the Holidays but for me the reason for the season will always be the birth of Jesus. #thatisall

Regardless of the labels we choose to use, the traditions we have for the season or even if we don’t celebrate it for cultural or personal reasons, i hope my post will inspire you to try out some of these ideas for you and yours to enjoy.

If you do try out 1 , some or all of the ideas, please do share your pictures by sending me an email here , and  with your permission i’d love to feature your pictures.

Here are 1,2,3,4 decorating ideas to infuse your environment with some of the festive bubble brewing in you.

Tip #1 – Switch out your candle colors or decorate your existing candles with some pretty christmas ribbon. Below are some ideas shared by Pamela of Adventures in Decorating and Courtney of Reckless Glamour

Tip # 2 – Get picture frames in any color or size you love and go through all pictures or memories you have captured in 2014 or even prior which share a story of your family this christmas, or a past christmas , snow fights, Joy, family, Friends, Love, Playdates, Peace, and Harmony. Next step would be to insert your favorite ones into a picture frame and display it. Display it on your walls, front foyer table, clear a spot on your bookshelf, on your office desk, on top of a fireplace, as a screensaver on your phone, tablet or pc. I love picture displays because you don’t have to take it down once the festive season is over, it can remain there until you are ready to swap in other pictures.

Tip # 3 – is a favorite classic that my mother incorporated into our childhood memories and which i have gone on to incorporate as an adult. Its a string display of all your christmas cards you received from friends, family, co-workers, patients, neighbours, teachers, students and other loved ones. Before putting up the cards, i’d always re-read the words within each card and yes you can guess the reaction ” a lovely ride down memory lane or wonderful reminder we are truly blessed and surrounded by love and grace”

Tip # 4 – Pillows and Throws are 2 of the most convenient ways to transform a space from cold and bare to cozy and colorful. If you are like me , you don’t need any excuse for an additional pillow or throw, if “seasons change, so do pillows and throws”.

I chose these 4 tips especially because they are no fuss, inexpensive, and a quick way to bring get your #festive season loading.

With head, heart and A Christmas Jingle

Jumie O. (aka ZeroVacancyGal)

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