Pursuing Emotional Maturity – Focus on Progress not Perfection

Happy new year,  you were part of the tribe who made 2014 extraordinary so when I got the memo you’ll be with me on the journey of making 2015 Epic! ;  you guessed right – #letsgothere

In 2015, our blog posts will take on a “series” or “theme” based approach partly to ensure you visit often, and partly to keep our digests bite sized not super sized.

Our theme for the next series of blog posts  will be “Pursuing Emotional Maturity” as it applies to our niche of property management, the interactions between landlords, property managers, property management companies, neighbours, tenants, owners, tradespeople – the entire service chain (for investment properties).

Jan 2015 - Feb 2015

Jan 2015 – Feb 2015

If you included in your rental questionnaire a question for the applicant to rank themselves on “Emotional Maturity”, and the options were Very Mature, Somewhat Mature,  Not Mature.

Would the option an applicant select accurately reflect who they truly are ? or how they wish to be perceived?

The option we all often select is the one we feel best matches the perception we desire the receiver of the info to have of us ( Real vs Imagined ). We may have a (Real vs. Imagined) need for external affirmation, inflating our own ego’s , receiving a favorable pat on the back, an accepted offer to lease, a fear of peer pressure or criticism or even a desire to earn respect in the eye of the receiver.

Likewise, if at the onset of welcoming a new tenant or during managing an incident, the expectations for responding to or resolving maintenance issue the options or responses provided were within 24 hrs for high risk/ high impact, between 3-5 business days for mid risk/mid impact or up to 7 business days or greater for low risk/ low impact.

Would you proceed to get agitated, upset or angry because it does not conform with your expectations?

Would you choose to adopt the perspective of an engaged participant willing to sacrifice time, a temporary inconvenience, resolved independently with consent or buy/in if you need it, or perhaps exercise more patience or compassion.

Focusing on progress instead of perfection is beneficial in any relationship ( personal and professional) because similar to water, progress ebbs and it flows.

Progress Affirmation : I am growing into an emotionally mature property manager, tenant, landlord, neighbour, tradesperson, property management company because I am focused on progress not perfection.

With head, heart and focused on progress,