We Remember Martin Luther King Jr. – A man of honor !

A man of Honor

A man of Honor










Martin Luther King Jr. was a visionary who shared his   dreams with us openly, unapologetically and courageously.

Largely led by faith and not by sight, MLK ‘s quotes and various famous speeches asked us to do only 3 things – Dream ……Inspire…….. Imagine .

Though he did not live to see the results, the outcome or the impact of his dream. His conviction and trust in God assured MLK that dead or alive his Dream was valid, his Dream was relevant, his Dream will one day become reality.

So today, we remember Martin Luther King Jr. as a man of honor whose words and actions showed us the meaning and impact of character, the relevance of every human being regardless of race, religion, socio economic level, or education and whose exemplary courage in speaking up and speaking out about injustice meant Silence is never an option.

Thank you MLK, you were A Man of Honor , A Renaissance Man!