Property Manager(s) Edition – Who takes care of the “care-giver”?

Property Manager

Property Manager

Quite often in this consumer driven and consumer focused world we live in, its all about the consumer so there is probably more information out there for landlords and property owners on the following :

1. What you should look for in a property manager

2. What questions to ask when you interview and select the right property manager or property management firm to represent their interests.

3. What the market rates are for property management.

4. Ask for references

But as a member of the property management industry , I often think and sometimes ask who takes care of the “care-giver” aka the property manager?

Who protects the property manager from all of the same nuances and idiosyncrasies we are quick to point out in others but most times aren’t self aware of in all of our inter-personal interactions?

Currently, in Ontario property managers do not have the benefit of being part of any “unionized” body, as such the only people able to take care of property managers and protect them is their employer.

This responsibility to care for and protect the “Care-giver” aka property manager is subjective to the values, character and leadership structure within the Employer’s Organization and how “authentic ” and /or “emotionally intelligent” they chose to be.  I’m sure you have had stories where with enough money on the table ” turning the other cheek” or “looking the other way ” or “transferring you to a new building” is the new normal.

You are a property manager, and your try-angle is making a decent living serving the needs of property owners who may or may not fully understand or appreciate the scope or extent of expertise but its critical to your health and wellbeing that you screen and select to work with individuals that have certain values in common with you.

Here are 4 values specific to the residential property management industry which I believe every “care-giver” aka property manager desires in a client

– A client who values their time and expertise ( Source : a recent chat with a colleague in the industry revealed that most owners behave like 2 yr olds )

– A client who is fair and prompt with remuneration of both property manager and/or any 3rd party vendor who supplies goods or services.

– A client fully vested in the Repairs/Maintenance Plan set up for their property and positively buys into the need for professional maintenance plans for items such as HVAC.

– A client whose character traits and value system are similar to the Property Manager’s  or can be aligned towards the common goal of Peace of Mind, Zero Vacancy and Positive return on investment over a specified period of time.


With head and ♥♥♥♥