Rental Property Essentials – Pets


Would you like A Cat, A Dog, A Fish, A Bird, A Turtle ? the “wow” factor of asking and sharing with your landlord, property manager or landlord’s agent your ” pet intentions” facilitates an authentic dialogue with disclosed expectations and healthy boundaries so your relationship with the landlord, the landlord’s property and the landlord’s agent can thrive on honesty, integrity and peace of mind.

There are many things we don’t know and may never understand about why people feel strongly about certain things (principles)  and not as strongly about others ( style/ methods, solutions) .

Below are some of the reasons a growing majority of property owners, and landlords feel strongly about the presence of a pet in just about any home, condo or apartment you  buy/rent or wish to buy/rent.

(i) The current and resale value attached to that specific property may be due in part to it been a zero pets abode.

(ii) Your landlord/tenant relationship is still too new ( less than 1 year) and the transition period for a tenant to grasp and manage the responsibility of maintaining a rented unit is a huge and new task with no users manual for,  especially for those just finishing school, or moving from their parent’s homes.

(iii)  Some tenant’s lifestyles are not compatible with pet ownership. This could mean working more than a 40 hr work week, this could mean being a travel and tourism wanderlust, this could mean been an outdoorsy person.

(iv)  Gender, Size, breed, housetraining or cute factor aside, it is expensive to own a healthy pet due to the requirements for  regular shots, medication, food, dedicated time to dispose of the pet’s faeces, washing the pet,  grooming and nurturing the pet, arranging for pet sitting for when you are away from the home, and being 100% responsible or fixing any damage the pet creates.

Good news is,  we are all equipped to think for ourselves, but we are not equipped  nor should we take it upon ourselves to think for others or make decisions for others unless they have asked us to do so.

Based on all experiences we have had plus the ones we have not had ( thankfully due to no smarts or intelligence, its all by grace) we consistently urge tenants before your mind deceives you to rationalize, justify or write a list of all the reasons why you feel you are doing the “right thing” by way of any change, improvements o additions ( big or small)  consider this 3 statements.

a. Would you make an arbitrary decision to acquire a pet and bring this pet to permanently live in your school, parents, significant other , and your workplace, without prior disclosure to or obtaining consent from your school, parents, significant other and workplace?

b. Have you rented or lived at least 1 year in this condo, house or apartment to clearly understand the mode of operation, the expectations, the relationship dynamics, the unspoken or unwritten rules. Remember the advise you get when you start a new job, don’t be the disruptor if you intend to work here for a long time.

c. The rent you pay is a “stipend” and we have yet to meet a landlord who got rich collecting rent only. Most  landlords deprive themselves on some level so you have a place to rent at a reasonable price.  Often it is your attitude towards the property, your patience , your full cooperation without expectation of anything in return, your respect of the relationship’s boundaries, your choice to not major on the minors or minor in the majors are the “priceless” reasons why even in a landlord’s deprived state, their hearts remain full of servant leadership, gratitude and zero complaints.


Having head and heart conversations about pets since 1998 when i became a tenant,