A tribute to Mothers and “Mothering”

Mother's DayI celebrate you Grandmother, Mother, Auntie, Sister, and Friend.

Every cuddle, every hug, every tear, every smile, every laugh, every hurt, every frown, you were always there.

We all arrived into this world unentitled to your love, your care, your time, but you gave and you are still giving.

The lessons you gave are/were based on and from the life you lived nothing else.

The examples we needed were right before our eyes to see, to feel, to touch and experience.

The next day or future ahead always looked brighter, safer, and more stable with your mothering.

Today is one of those “tomorrows” and its Mother’s Day.

I thank God for the “Mothering” spirit he bestowed on you and how you poured “unbelievable wealth” into my bucket.

Your “Mothering” spirit was unbelievable wealth because it stood for unconditional love, loyalty, forgiveness, confidence, resilience, courage, boldness, character, peace, patience, kindness and compassion.

Thank you for filling my bucket with all of these.

Thank you refilling bucket when it was low or empty.

Thank you for encouraging me to see and use gems in my bucket I never knew existed.

Thank you for teaching me what belongs in my bucket and what does not belong in it.

Thank you for the wisdom of planting perennial #Acorn seeds in my bucket.

Each year they bloom, I pause, reflect, and smile with gratitude for the simple yet most important piece  you share(d) with me – Your mothering spirit !