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The “Residential Roofing” season is in full swing in Canada and across most North American Cities where its not longer “snowing”. And while we #TeamRoofing class of 2015 pursue our goals of either Re-shingling or installing a New Roof,  here are a few gems i’d like to share so you know better, do better and pay it forward.

Let’s start by defining the 2 terms we mentioned above:

Re-shingling is the process by which you remove and replace from the roof deck damaged, brittle, cracked or missing shingles with a brand new set.  Do refer to the Ontario Building Code for guidance on the minimum number of layers and licensing for contractors working at heights on site at residential property sites. Keep in mind that Re-shingling may or may not be a complete removal of all layers, may or may not include an upgrade or new roof underlayment. When in doubt, just ask your contractor for specifics.

Installation of a New Roof is the process most new homes built by builders go through and which you may not be familiar with all the pieces but you are familiar with the final product. A new roof consists of a new roof deck, roof underlayment and asphalt shingles or metal roof .

The good news is these 2 processes are improvements and do go a long way in increasing the value of your home, providing peace of mind for you and family, as well as the opportunity to call your friendly home insurance company and gleefully inform them of this “valuable improvement”.

Here are some “vital” details or questions you should clarify before you engage on your roofing project, from experience I have found most credible contractors are willing to educate their clients before asking them to sign and pay a deposit. So use but do not abuse this opportunity well my friends.

1. Ask for an inspection with a quote for your roof to determine the areas that need to be addressed (e.g. condition of roof deck, slopes, ventilation, roof underlayment, eavesthrough, soffit, downspouts, and shingles).

2. Ask for a recommendation and samples of Roofing materials – asphalt shingles, laminate shingles, and Metal Roof.

3. Ask for a recommendation  and sample of Roof Underlayment Materials

4. Ask what components if left untouched would result in the product or installation warranty to be null and void.

5. Ask for the product warranty and ensure the manufacturer exists and are verifiable ( read product reviews), even for imports.

6. Ask for the installers/contractor’s warranty  ( post sale procedure,  1 yr post install inspection, replacing any fly away shingles)

7. Have a written agreement that includes specific info such as date of installation, materials used, warranty provided and pictures of the finished roof job.

There are a few more questions , but rather than give you a reason to not call us at Abode PM or visit this blog more often. i’ll stop here.

Roofing with head and heart ( + roofing referrals)