2015 Federal Elections in Canada is today October 19, 2015 – Your Vote, Your Voice

Vote Today

Vote Today

Today, Oct 19, 2015 is an important day. Its Federal Election Day! Yay

We are a blessed nation, with an abundance of land, resources and human capital. However like all blessed nations, we strive to do better than we have done, and rather than re-write history we must step forward unified by what weakens our values as a society and as families, but strengthened by our focus to not do what’s popular but to do what’s right.

Recently, the Blue Jays reminded us all what it feels like to #cometogether regardless of color, status, position, experience, educational background, political party, agendas, country of birth, residency status etc. The most beautiful memory i will have of these season for the Blue Jays will not be if they win or lose, rather it will be that we all feel like winners when we #cometogether.

Today’s federal elections has 4 parties vying for a chance for your vote , they are :


2.Green Party



The main issues across a majority of cities in Canada are Affordable Housing, Immigration, Affordable Housing( Homeless), Budget Deficit, Environment, First Nations, Taxation ( Family, Business, HST) just to name a few, for a more detailed summary please visit here

For generation X,Y,Z or whatever label you choose to use , we are all impacted, affected and afflicted by the policies that govern us and mindsets/actions by those that govern us. For this reason please go out today and Vote, it is really as simple as it sounds.

Photocredits -CTV News, Inside Halton