How to save time when viewing “For rent ” Ads

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Based on the line of business and opportunities Abode Property Management has provided to me, I am constantly creating or viewing rental ad’s on many platforms, and recently I was floored by the amount of time one can waste on “Dead End” Ads. I have also discovered what attracts us all to these “Dead End” ads are the very things we have on our “must have list” namely:

  1. Price
  2. Location
  3. Size
  4. Pictures
  5. Pet Friendly (Cats, Dogs)

So how then, does one objectively review a ” For rent ” Ad and effectively sift through the many fraudulent, misleading and non existent ones. By necessity I have developed certain questions or conversations I choose to have with prospective landlords/agents trying to rent their place. Like you, “time is the most expensive commodity I cannot afford to waste” so rather than schedule and go for a trillion views, i’d rather chat smartly and view the “few” that are compatible with my chosen lifestyle.


If the price of a rental sounds too good to be true, or below market rates ASK any of these question:

Excuse me mr/ms/mrs landlord/agent may I please ask what your prior tenant was paying for your unit?

Are you a charitable organization or is the government subsidizing your property rent rates.

Enter the street address on google and see what others are getting for similar units and present this evidence at your viewing.


Uncle Google has become an adopted member of every family and household worldwide. So having this resource in your inner circle, you should not remain gullible and excited over a location provided you probe and ask these questions

  • Is the street address one where there is a history of current or past “for rend” Ads
  • Can my realtor friend help me verify if the house/apartment is really for rent or verify the name of the landlords or property owners before I make any deposits.
  • Has there being prior suspicious events, deaths, crimes or such at this particular location/address


Bigger is better, is what majority of us are trained to believe or expect when we are in “consumption mode”. Its quite easy to misrepresent the square footage of a property because some builders floor plans have been archived, some sellers do not have a survey nor are they willing to pay for one and the putting sq ft in ranges is only an approximate not an exact measurement.

Helpful techniques to know if a certain square footage will meet your living space needs is to Ask or Do any of these

  • Buy a tap measure from Dollarama or anywhere and take it with you to the viewing.
  • Ask for a floor plan or survey if available.
  • Ask Mr/Ms/Mrs Landlord/Agent provide you with room measurements
  • Check if a neighbour with a similar unit or floor plan has posted room measurements anywhere


The common phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be applicable in a particular context but its definitely not the one you should follow when viewing rental ads because there are some key details you don’t know and you have no way of verifying the authenticity of the images. Here is what you don’t know:

  • Are these professional images and have they been doctored or modified, or shot from a prescribed angle?
  • Is the person publishing the image motivated to do so because they are masters of the “bait and switch” marketing technique
  • When were these images taken? a few years back, before the current tenants, after the current tenants, after a renovation, was the property staged intentionally.


Pet friendly ads are truly not pet friendly ads in all cases, and here’s why I say so :

If I am a pet friendly real estate agent and I am trying to attract my “tribe” or kind of “buyers, sellers, tenants” , depending on the advice or sort of initiative I choose to utilize I may decide advertising, that I have “pet friendly” units for rent is the best marketing strategy to adopt.  The reality though is I may not in fact have pet friendly units for rent, or I may have access to a few who have pet restrictions but having this “one thing in common” with you and being able to laugh, chit chat, or share pictures of our love for our pets is avenue for the real estate agent to convert you from customer to client. Who knows you may even get referrals for pet hotels, dog walkers or cat sitters so the pets don’t interfere with the objective : buying, selling or leasing your home successfully and for top dollars. As long as you are not counselled dishonestly to not disclose a pet upfront or share how passionate you are about pets and living with one, but opt to introduce it after you have moved in, then perhaps the pet friendly real estate agent is a perfect fit for the pet friendly/customer who may become a client.

Put these tips and suggestions to use, and share a testimonial of how any or all of these tips are helping you be the savvy tenant you strive to be.

Wishing you all a fruitful season as you locate your next abode, and if I can help you with that stay social and connect.

With head and heart