2015 : Was it black, white or colored?

Friends and Followers, I have been struggling with writer’s block for a couple of months. Yes being lost for words is natural and healthy response i have been told.

Guess what i told the writers block to do: i said gerrarrhere mehn (if you understand this phrase, fantastic you are not a learner).

My 2015 was not black, or white but beautifully colored and whether we liked it or not, chose to acknowledge or ignore or simply be interested or fully committed, there was plenty of observation, praying, singing,  learning, and reflecting done and for this I am thankful for it all.

One activity i didn’t get to enjoy as much as i’d like in 2015 was i didn’t read as much i’d have liked, but Christmas 2015 came early and i already have 7 books and counting for 2016. If you’d like to share or take a peak into what’s in my reading list for 2016, just drop in by my #Pinterest board. Would you like to know the authors or titles ? Just ask me by tweeting , What is zerovacancygal reading in 2016 ?

A second activity i enjoyed quite a lot of was more physical activity i was able to #fitintomylife. Thanks to my loving dad, the 2015 Pan Am Games , and others we all enjoyed biking, walking , less driving. I look forward to being intentional in ensuring i can be consistent and committed with my chosen form of physical activity …. apparently #eating cupcakes ,#drinking looseleaf teas, or water with lemons does not count.

A third activity i enjoyed and i will continue to explore is the various delicious looking recipes, interior decor ideas, much more being shared on instagram, yes can you believe it i have an #Instagram account created by my talented and technologically savvy niece. Shout out to T! I am still learning the ropes on #Instagram so i can definitely use any tips or pointers you have and would like to share, leave them in the comments below.

Fourth but not last, my relationship with God is better, stronger, and healthier. It has been and continues to be a journey of increasing faith based on a foundation of unconditional love and unmerited grace and that’s why nothing comes close and #Jesus is enough for me. I am thankful for the faith centered relationships God brought my way, the encouragement from mentors when i needed it, the non christian relationships, the strangers who gave kindness and surprise gifts,  the networking events , the convicting sermons at HBC as well as the quiet moments when all i had to do was listen and obey the still small voice.

Fifth and last on my list of blessings for 2015 was i got to get my praise on any day and anywhere without being in church. Yes remember when God said we are the church, that’s definitely true. So in good times, happy times, sad times, terrified times, I sang and the words of the songs spoke truth over me which saved me having to spend money on #yoga, #alchohol #medication, #therapists etc. Don’t get me wrong those remedies are not bad if that’s what your doctor has prescribed or what you feel will heal you. Personally i like simple, stupid and my chances are better with Doctor #Iam who affirmed he has given me “a sound mind, spirit of power and of love”.  I have a you-tube playlist and others, so you if you love soulful, uplifting music with lyrics that give life , Send me a Direct Message on #Facebook ( be sure you are on the correct Abode Property Management Oakville Fan Page).

These were 5 areas in which i was richly blessed in 2015. All of which added color to my year, and ensured i didn’t lose sight of my #why and kept my #focus 100.

From your head and heart zerovacancygal, the Abode PM family and the amazing tenants, property owners, investors and brand partners with whom we share this journey and the new ones we are yet to meet, greet, do business with in 2016, our one wish is that your 2016 be #fulfilled by virtue of the power that works within us.

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