The #Why question every renter must answer honestly!

To thine ownself be true

“To thine ownself be true “ is one of the favorite phrases i grew up with because embedded with it is a valuable life lesson which we ignore, or rationalize away to give us temporary comfort, to suit our circumstances or  push to the back burner during moments of short-sightedness or “wandering”.

Its APRIL 2016 and Renting season is in full gear, many landlords and tenants are serving notices – N8, N11, N12, N13 to each other and for a majority of tenants about to begin their search for the next rental #abode, one of the biggest questions looming in your mind is : How can i get more for less dollars?

The statement “more for less” is the opposite of “less is more” which really is down to perspective ,  as neither is wrong or right and neither is a winner and the other a loser, but it all depends on what ” more ” or  ” less ” means to you as an landlord, tenant, room-mate, individual and/or a family.

Similarly,  when purchasing REAL ESTATE , buyers will hear Location, Location, Location! , and elsewhere they will hear “Big House, Bigger House, Biggest House” and in a third environment they will hear “Best House in Superb Location !  it all gets confusing for the buyer who hasn’t answered the question of #to thine ownself be true? or what does “more” or “less” mean to me based on my values or what is important to me.

Flipping this narrative to prospective tenants who are currently in #searchmode for the next rental, it can also be daunting and confusing because you are faced with the same questions, albeit your budget is not anywhere as high as a #buyer but your stakes are identical believe it or not, because at the end of the day you each will individually have to live, laugh and love the consequences of your choices or on the flip side #be-miserable , suffer #buyers remorse or worse still rob yourself of #peace.

The common “more” majority of tenants care about are – More Space, A larger room or rooms, All inclusive of Utilities, En-suite Washer/Dryer, Amenities , Privacy , Modern finishes, New-er Home, Savings , Proximity to Work or Transit to School or Work.

The common “less” majority of tenants care about are – Less roommates, Less commute, Less rent $$per month, Less carpet , less pets, less noise etc.

These 2 sets of “more” or “less” represent 2 different perspectives, where it gets confusing is when #PRICING gives us a reality check which then forces you as a renter to re-evaluate closely and focus on your #WHY.

If your WHY is “more” you will always find rentals that support your decision at market price.

If your WHY is “less” you will also find rentals that support your decision at market price.

If your WHY is more or less unclear to you ( the tenant ) or you have refused to be #inwardly honest thus outwardly authentic , you will be confused and vulnerable to other people’s opinions, ideas and you may even end up being manipulated.

Be sure to own your #why , the aftertaste is contentment ; Be aware of your vulnerabilities so no-one can use your #WHY to own or manipulate you.

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Wishing you safe rental searches with head and heart,