Habits helps foster Healthy Landlord & Tenant Relationship

Welcome to November 2016! Habits

My gratitude journal for the last 10 months, has included your eyeballs, your clicks, your shares and more. Thank you.

We will finish off the 2016 blog series with H.A.S. which stands for Habits, Attitude and Skills.

Our H.A.S. conveys how we perceive ourselves, what we tell ourselves we can or cannot do, how we interpret information and how we process information, how we give or hoard. H.A.S is a vital organ for all effective, healthy human relationships or interaction.

Here are 3 quotes we have crafted to daily remind us to prioritize H.A.S :

“Form good habits or suffer the consequences of your bad habits ” – Inspired by Zerovacancygal

” Hire for Attitude, Train for skills” – HR professionals and some thought leaders crafted this

” Sharpen your Habits and Skills, think of it like a shadow it’s always yours”  – Inspired by Zerovacancygal

We all possess habits!  You do not have be rich, poor, educated, illiterate, be in the right place at the right time, know somebody or be somebody to decide and cultivate a habit.

Another, great fact is we all also possess the ability to cultivate habits ( good or bad ) ! , this is a choice.

Let’s role play a little to help us visualize the role of habits :

Hi, my name is Sue, i am a tenant and i recently moved out of my parents home into a rental property. While i lived at home, if something was broken all i had to do was leave a post it note, send a text or an email to #dad or #mum ,#handy friend #sister, #brother, #grandpa, #fiance, #fiancee,#boyfriend, #girlfriend, #husband or #wife. All i really cared about was #somebody has to fix it, has fixed it, or will fix it, #it is not my problem, #i have zero responsibility or accountability towards engaging discovery or solutions , and for whatever reason  i have programmed myself ( through my habits) that the #somebody will not be me, myself or I.

Now imagine if Sue re-programmes her mind,  her response and adds a pinch of #repetition and #consistency

Hi, my name is Sue, I am a tenant and i recently moved out of my parents home into a rental property. While i lived at home, if something was broken I was never too busy to assist, learn and be part of the solution for repairs, because i reckon all that i learn, assist and be a part of today follows me wherever i go, it does not reside at my parents house, my fiance’s house, my current rental address it will follow me sorta like my shadow. I choose to start now, where i am at , with what i have, surrounded by people who are willing to show, teach or help me through it in safe, non judgemental environment.

I like the re-programmed Sue, i love her chances,  i love where her healthy heart is at,  she is not a victim, she does not possess all the answers, she is not waiting for perfect answers, she is unafraid to be vulnerable, she is unafraid to ask for help, she is not lacking of anything outside her grip or ability, she is not conditioned by her history, she is not blaming her environment or someone, she is not limited in resources, she is willing, she is a collaborator, she adds value, she sees herself as part of the team, she loves that she has a role, she embraces her role,  she has now put herself in a position of giving, rather than receiving, getting or taking, she is an engaged and active participant in life, she is unleashing her potential, she is functioning at a peak status.

If our set of habits are never refreshed, reprogrammed or re-evaluated, like stagnant water it will stink, it will have a stench and it will not attract or produce all those wonderful things we desire.  Let’s get some fresh water into our habits, let’s be willing to drink from new rivers, fountains, let’s go for #living water.

Are you inspired today to reprogram, re-evaluate or reset a choice or decision on how you respond, or react ? to the many unknowns life will throw at you, the answer will always be found in your habits.

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With a head and heart for good habits,