Festive living in a Condominium – Family Chat

December loaded about 10 days ago, and this post is late. Better late than never is my excuse and i’m sticking to it.

This post is for all condo dwellers, friends and families of condo dwellers, soon to be condo dwellers, recent purchasers of preconstruction condo dwellings,visitors to condo dwellings, Welcome to the community of condo dwellers, we are glad to have you.

Festive living in a condo comes with its own set of ohh, ahh, aha, i didn’t know, who would have thought, no one ever told me, who made the condo declaration, i never read my condo rules or bylaws, you’ve got to be kidding me, they should change it, they need to be aware we all celebrate holidays differently, i am not festive , i don’t care, i don’t celebrate christmas, i am jewish its hanukkah for me, i travel during the holidays.

I will share a few bits and pieces of festive living condo style memos i have read, come across, seen which are useful indicators of whats’ norm, and the why behind the norm, because as you have seen with the above paragraph we are all not #sheep , we all have different #traditions, we all possess variable #knowledge and #ignorance about many things but we all choose to remain #coachable and #willing to #abide by all general festive living in a condo #guidelines for the benefit of the greater condo community we are a part of .

Christmas Trees ( Inside and Outside of Suite)

A  freshly chopped/real christmas tree is not permitted inside or outside suite in a condominium as it represents a potential fire hazard.

Fresh/Real Trees may be subject to infestation of insects and disease , with the warmer indoor temperature becomes an ideal breeding ground

The mud/sap/needles from the trees are very difficult to remove from carpets and common areas.

Christmas Decor (Outside of Suite/Balconies/Front Doors)

Garlands,Wreaths, Mistletoes and the likes are permitted to be hung on the interior  of the suite door only where it can be seen and enjoyed by your friends, family and guests. No decoration on the exterior side of the door is allowed.

LED string lights/Christmas Lights and the likes are not permitted to be hung on or around the balcony or the suite door, you can hang all lights on the interior of the unit and preferably not obstructing fire exits, sliding doors or smoke/carbon dioxide detectors.

Christmas Gatherings/ Number of People InSuite 

Gatherings are great! Gatherings provide for us a sense of community which is vital for healthy living and lifestyle. As you gather with friends and family, be mindful to not exceed the recommended number of persons per size of your unit, be mindful of loud music, chatter, singing, games, and the influence of alcohol. A few suggestions to help you manage your crowd is

  • invite only a handful of folks at a time or given day
  • reserve and utilize the party room or billiards room at your condo for large crowds
  • Inform and out of courtesy inform your sensitive neighbours if its a one time/off occurrence
  • Hold your gathering at other spots that have more sound proofing/ less sensitive neighbours

Christmas Gifts 

Giving is great! Spread out your giving spirit all year round. I know Christmas time provides an unique opportunity to appreciate the people we interact with in our condominium community , from our neighbours, the concierge, the security guard, the cleaning team, the property manager, the shares services facilitator, the superintendent , yes these are jobs, but most importantly these are people behind the jobs, these are humans committed to represent and uphold different personal or corporate values all year round not only at christmas. So likewise, be a giver of kind gestures, speech , thoughts all year round.

As you contemplate how you intend to show your appreciation to your #condoliving team, here are a few practical items, often times its not how big, lavish, pricy or valuable , but the thought that makes the difference in hearts and minds.

Condominiums generally have 100’s of residents, some up to 800 units in capacity , it would be overwhelming to receive multiple packs of chocolates , mugs, tea, hot chocolate, baked goods, cookies between Dec 1, 2016 to Jan 7th 2017.  However imagine if we thought of giving not as instant gratification but delayed enjoyment in the form of

  1. Gas cards , some workers drive to work daily
  2. Preloaded Presto cards , some works commute to work
  3. Grocery Store cards, everyone needs food and shops for food
  4. Donation to a Charity of their choice , opportunity to understand what’s important to them
  5. Movie Tickets , encourages them to take time away and relax
  6. Purchase Groupon experiences that expire in 1 yr or never – Activities you know they will enjoy
  7. Dollarama gift cards, if they have school aged kids this will come in handy for school projects
  8. Offer your time , to assist them with learning english, small repairs or improvements in their unit, doctor’s visit for the elderly, picking up grocery when they are ill/unwell, babysitting, its really up to you.
  9. Costco memberships – if its family with kids with a desire or interest to shop at costco.
  10. CAA memberships – for a family that owns or operates a used vehicle , or without friends or relatives nearby.
  11. Home Improvement – Rona Gift cards, Home Depot Gift Cards , Canadian Tire Gift Cards are useful to everyone with a roof over their head
  12. Extracurricular activities for their kids – If you know the family well enough or the seasonal activities they enroll their kids for : swimming, skating, martial arts, kumon, spirit of math, dance, gymnastics etc, you can purchase a gift certificate from the place they patronize or credit their account so they can enroll their kids.
  13. Pre-arranged complimentary cleaning/ delivery of food boxes, grocery or bagels – All year round we all value clean homes, offices, personal delivery of vegetables, fruits, or even our favorite montreal bagels, see if there is a treat you want to share with others in their birthday month, their anniversary month, or their most difficult/challenging month.

I will stop here, as the ideas truly are endless and limitless much like the spirit of christmas, may it last longer than christmas and longer than the scent of the christmas tree, baking and shopping frenzy.

Here’s me wishing you a heart and head full of joy, love and happiness at christmas time and beyond