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Head and Heart Service with a Smile

Jumie O. and I am the zero vacancy gal and founder of Abode Property Management. The birth of Abode Property Management in 2006 was a personal one, but has grown into a full service property management firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Our expertise is solving landlord property woes with head and heart.

We offer “all in service plans” which caters to issues such as tenant screen, high profile marketing, electronic submission and tracking of maintenance requests, periodic inspections, project management of renovations, rent deposits and access to trustworthy partners, with added perks such as peace of mind, tax savings, and zero vacancies. We have also delivered task specific plans that enables Abode focus on 1 or 2 tasks that are not part of your “core” skill set if you are new or a seasoned investor.

My love for real estate began in 2003; I had graduated with a Hons. B.A in Economics from the University of Toronto and had a couple of years experience working in the financial industry but yearned for more of a challenge. So, the challenge of choice for me at that time was to pursue and become a licensed real estate agent. I juggled being a realtor with being a wife, mother, sister and friend but soon discovered my passion was beyond simply earning a “commission”.

I’m happily married with  2 Kids and yes finding the balance between family and business has and continues to get easier because of our loyal clients, fabulous tenants and well maintained Properties. Yes, when we count our many blessings, you are 1 of them.

By faith my motto is “Nothing to Fear”, and I believe irrespective of if a landlord owns 1 or many properties, he/she deserves a zero vacancy gal and the team at Abode to genuinely have their best interests at heart.

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