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From drywall to plumbing, from brick blasting to deck construction, from painting to hardwood floor installation, from move in/move out cleaning to electrical work, from snow removal to bathroom renovations, the list is always growing…..

I am no “handy manny” but as a zero vacancy gal who’s motto is ” be prepared ” . One of the ways i manage to be prepared is being resourceful , asking questions and getting to know “dependable, honest” people with expertise in one or more of areas relating to everything “home/house” related.

Here are my un-sung heroes who give me pride and joy in using and recommending their services, as evident in the workmanship they showcase in theirs.

Building Materials

 Metropolitan Building Materials Ltd –  (416)-461-6732

Professional Painters

2 guys painting – (416)402-2644

EuroMaster Painting – (416)575-8210

Magicpro Painting – (647)242-1111

Appliance Maintenance & Repairs

TK Appliance Repair – (416) 400-3099

Ocean Appliance Services – (416) 245-2984

All things Brick

J.K BrickWorks – (416)461-0624 or (416) 837-8997

Heating & Cooling Systems

EVAM Canada Inc. – (416)876-0911 or (905)-624-5544

Residential & Commercial Cleaning Agents

De Home Cleaning Services – (416)450-7639

Yolanda Martinez Cleaning – (416)371-5144

Golden Touch Cleaning – (647)-836-3016

Residential Contractors & Renovators

Home Comfort Renovation – (416)492-6051 or (416)727-8184

Global Engineering Services – (416)461-5764

Flooring Suppliers & Installers

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